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Andrew DeVries                  


To obtain a development position where I can leverage my vast experience and broad knowledge of software development and database technologies. I am an expert in relational database design and reporting. My extensive experience ensures I will be fully qualified to fulfill your requirements.


Highly motivated, creative, and versatile computer professional with knowledge of industry standard development techniques. Experienced programmer specializing in Microsoft .Net programming for Microsoft Windows Operating systems. A gift of quick learning and complex problem solving in a fast-paced environment. A talent for analyzing business requirements, developing and simplifying procedures, and finding innovative solutions. Area of expertise includes network info structures, database design, software design and implementation, and limited hardware/firmware design.

I have architected and developed enterprise software solutions from start to finish. I have directed a team of developers on large software/database projects involving the import of data from a wide range of data sources. I am an expert in relational database design and software development. I have experience with network design and support. I am an expert on all Microsoft software platforms from Windows 2003 to Windows Mobile 2003 (Pocket PC). I have installed and setup enterprise internet hosting sites (99.99% uptime) in world class datacenters.

Selected Achievements

  • Designed and implemented complete solutions using Microsoft .Net & Microsoft SQL Technology.
  • R&D lead for embedded diagnostic automotive applications.
  • Directed and managed 6 person technology team.
  • Designed and implemented large enterprise databases.
  • Comfortable and experienced with presentations to potential customers and clients.
  • Designed and implemented 99.99% uptime solution for large medical radiology solution.
  • Experienced in latest .NET technologies and coding techniques including XML/XSLT, Services, ADODB.NET, ASPX, Custom Controls.
  • Experienced with multiple database platforms. Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, DB2, dBase, Access.
  • Experienced with multiple system platforms from Unix to Windows 2003 using multiple development technologies from ASP to XML/XSL.  
  • Licensed FAA Single Engine Private Pilot
  • Licensed FCC Amateur Radio Technician Plus




March 2005 – Present      Eaton Corporation                    Galesburg, MI

Senior Engineer

  • Project manager on Web Based Mobile Diagnostic Tools
  • R&D Lead Engineer for Mobile Diagnostic Tools
  • Designed and Developed .Net Multi Threaded Service for Data Communications Gateway to Cell/WIFI based mobile devices
  • Designed and Developed Web Based Heavy Duty Diagnostic Application.
  • Designed and Developed Mobile Device Embedded Firmware
  • Designed and Developed Mobile Communication Conversion .Net Class library for SAE J1587, J1939 (CAN), and J1850 (ODB-II).





2000 - 2005                    TurnLeaf Solutions Inc.                   Littleton, CO

Senior Software Developer/Director of Implementation

  • Lead architect and development leader for the “AMS”, TurnLeaf’s primary software product.
  • Managed Multiple Accounts and directed 6 member development/implementation team.
  • Introduced .NET technologies and languages (C# & VB.NET), as well as object oriented designed techniques, patterns, and n-tier programming to development process.
  • Designed, coded, and implemented the "DataLoader" service, a distributed-load data processing NT service architecture for the data implementation group. Process/Application consists of a Customer Facing ASPX web front end hosted on a clustered server system, a SQL Server 2000 database hosted on Windows NT Server 2003, and several distributed .NET NT Services running simultaneously to process data. All technologies utilized the latest in .NET technologies and coding techniques including XML/XSLT, Services, ADODB.NET, ASPX, Custom Controls, SQL Server, and so on.
  • Designed, coded, and implemented the iDynamicSQL and iMataStructures database engine, a database structure independent data mining engine architecture for the data reporting group. Process/Application consists of a Customer Facing ASPX web front end that generated graphical representation of summarized data. Reported data was completely dynamic and could be any database table/field combination. All technologies utilized the latest in .NET technologies and coding techniques including XML/XSLT, Services, ADODB.NET, ASPX, Custom Controls, SQL Server, and so on.
  • Ported entire legacy VB6 COM library to object oriented .NET services and applications.
  • Designed Custom .Net Controls Library for inclusion into the Visual Studio 2003 IDE thus extending the capabilities of buttons, checkboxes, lists, and so on.
  • Presented strategy and managed project timelines to CIO and CEO.
  • Traveled to customer sites and managed the build process, installation, implementation, training and deployment projects
  •  Worked daily with the following technologies: Visual Studio 2003 .NET using VB.NET, ASPX, IIS 5.0 and 6.0, COM/COM+, Legacy VB6 objects, Application Center, Visual Source Safe, All SQL Server DB technologies (Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Profiler, Etc), Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and all the various Microsoft Office Suite applications including Visio, Excel, Word, etc.


1997 - 2000                    Borgess Health Alliance           Kalamazoo, MI

Server Specialist / Network Administrator

  • Migrated Existing Token-Ring Network to Ethernet
  • Designed and Implemented WAN Fiber Network
  • Planned and Installed Complete Digital Radiology Solution
  • Implemented Internet Access across the Enterprise



1997 - 1998                  3 Rivers Edge ISP                   Three Rivers, MI

Network Administrator

  • Maintained Windows NT Servers
  • Installed Dial-Up Network Solutions for 1000+ Users
  • Managed User Accounting
  • Managed Bandwidth Allocation and Ordering


1997 - 1997                  Rayle-MicroAge                         Kalamazoo, MI

Computer Technician / Systems Administrator

  • Maintained Windows NT and Novell Netware Servers
  • Repaired or Replaced PC Computer components in the Field
  • Managed Enterprise Phone Switch and Voice Mail System



1996 - 1997                  World of CD-ROM                      Kalamazoo, MI

RMA Manager / Sales

  • Authorized Returned Computer Products
  • Handled Terms of Returned Products to Vendor
  • Ordered and Inventoried products and supplies



Indiana Wesleyan University                                               Marion, IN

  • Computer Information Science
  • Criminal Justice

Western Michigan University                                       Kalamazoo, MI

  • Business Management